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Crayonic KeyVault™

Passwordless Authenticator & Digital Wallet

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1. To turn on the KeyVault long-press the button at the bottom.​ If the device does not boot please charge it over USB first.


2. For testing purposes you can ignore the PUK code. So just long-press the button to confirm and move on.


3. Train your finger by touching the fingerprint reader for about 2 seconds multiple times.


4. Long-press the button to move in the quick menu and select Pairing to connect the KeyVault with your PC or mobile device over Bluetooth. 

5. Register the KeyVault as a security key.

Avoiding Phishing
Improving User Experience
Helpdesk Costs
Adopting Zero-Trust Security


Organizations have different reasons to eliminate passwords. And in many cases, the authentication app running on a smartphone is not an option. 

With Crayonic KeyVault users get smooth and secure passwordless access to their PC or a cloud service. Not one, all of them! Without compromising privacy or disclosing sensitive data.

Meanwhile, administrators retain full control over security policies and settings, certificates, and access management. Without having to deal with passwords or centrally stored biometrics.


Let's talk about how your customers can benefit from biometric multifactor authentication and say goodbye to passwords.  

Watch a few demos to learn about use cases where KeyVault adds value.

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