Congratulations and thank you!

You are one of the first early adopters of smart authenticator Crayonic KeyVault™.

Step 1: Personalize

Enrolling at least one fingerprint is the first step to make your KeyVault yours. Your biometrics stays safe in the certified encrypted storage of the KeyVault and N E V E R leaves it. From then on, you can authenticate cryptographically with just a simple touch of your finger.

Turn ON the KeyVault by pressing and holding down (for at least one second) the black button on the bottom of the KeyVault. The fingerprint training mode is the first thing that should appear if you don't have any fingerprint registered.

Step 2: Connect 

Connect your KeyVault to your PC or smartphone via USB, NFC, or Bluetooth.

Hold down the black button on the bottom of the KeyVault to quickly scroll through the main KeyVault menu to access Bluetooth pairing mode.

If you need to pair the KeyVault with the same PC or phone again for some reason, please make sure you have deleted the pairing on the KeyVault itself. 

In the video below you can also see how to access and move inside the more advanced KeyVault menu.

Step 3 (Optional): Set up PIN code

To make sure you can authenticate into the KeyVault without using fingerprints as a backup, you should setup your onw 4 digit PIN code. 

Setting up PIN code requires that you know how to navigate UX using motion. Check out the video below for more details.

Step 4: Start using Crayonic KeyVault with any FIDO compatible web application or use our simple passwordless cloud SSO gateway below.