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Congratulations and thank you!

You are one of the first early adopters of the Crayonic KeyVault™ smart authenticator.

Step 1: Turn on & Personalize

Long-press the black button on the bottom of the KeyVault to turn it ON.

Or connect your KeyVault to the USB to also charge its battery.  


NOTE: You may be prompted to write the PUK code. For testing purposes, you can skip this by long-pressing the button.


Train your fingerprint to personalize the KeyVault with your biometrics. Your biometrics stays safe in the certified encrypted storage of the KeyVault and NEVER leaves it. From now on, you can authenticate cryptographically with just a simple touch of your finger.

Step 2: Connect 


Your box includes two portable USB cables and an additional USB cable with magnetic tips. These let you easily connect and charge your KeyVault.

When connected over USB you can activate and format KeyVault's encrypted file storage.


Hold down the button to scroll through the quick menu. Select PAIRING to activate Bluetooth pairing and connect the KeyVault to your PC or phone. 

NOTE: Not all devices and operating systems support all types of connectivity. See the KeyVault Specification document for details. 

If you need to pair the KeyVault with the same PC or phone again for some reason, please make sure you have deleted the pairing on the KeyVault itself. 

In the video below you can also see how to access and move inside the more advanced KeyVault menu.

Step 3 (Optional): Set up a PIN code

PIN code can serve as an alternative or backup authentication method. Setting up PIN code requires that you know how to navigate the KeyVault menu using motion. Check out the video below for more details.

Step 4: Register & Use

Register your KeyVault as a security key in any FIDO-compatible service or web application such as Microsoft Office or eBay

See a few of our favorite use cases in the virtual demo booth:

For Advanced Users

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