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Use your existing MS Windows infrastructure with Crayonic KeyVault to enable fast biometric multifactor login to desktops and the cloud.


In the office or remote work scenarios, the solution is developed for organizations and enterprises of all sizes. Helping you to meet all of the compliance standards (GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, PSD2) including The US President's Executive Order on Improving Nation's Cybersecurity (14028). Crayonic solution significantly lowers authentication-related risks and improves your organization's cyber insurance rating by moving to zero trust security architecture.


Decentralized biometric access

- to PCs and remote desktops, ideal for shared desktops/kiosks with USB or NFC

- using cloud-based, hybrid, or on-prem MS Active Directory starting with Windows 7

- via standard FIDO2 or PIV protocol and manageable via a web-based configurator

Fast and easy login & logout

- without endpoint software installations

- optional proximity logout via the mobile phone


Simple self-service onboarding

- via a software agent

- or any FIDO compliant web browser.


Out-of-the-box support for other use cases such as

- passwordless login to cloud SSO

- certificate-based login to VPN supported with biometrics

- physical access 


Crayonic solution is developed and made in the EU. It is delivered and managed by certified Crayonic partners.

Sample use cases
  • Healthcare facility fast MFA login and logout for doctors and nurses to shared workstations and even shared desktop sessions.

  • Highly secure computer access in retail financial institutions.

  • Secure kiosk access for administrators and privileged access users.

  • Remote decentralized biometric desktop and VPN access for government agencies.

Standards & Certifications
  • PIV (X.509 PKI)

  • FIDO2

  • U2F (FIDO L1+ certified)

  • Common Criteria EAL 5+ Certified Secure Element

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