Crayonic KeyVault™

fingerprint recognition

handwriting recognition

voice recognition





Credentials secured by KeyVault
  • FIDO2 keys.

  • PIV smart card keys and certificates.

  • OATH secrets for TOTP, HOTP codes.

  • PGP keys.

  • Passwords in a compatible password manager.

  • Blockchain keys for ETH and BTC compatible transactions.

  • Digital signature keys for Qualified Electronic Signatures as per eIDAS compliance.

  • Small files in secure mass storage (64 MB).

KeyVault Integration Options

Crayonic KeyVault™ is compatible out-of-the-box with all FIDO2 certified services supporting all extensions.

KeyVault provides a smooth 100% passwordless and usernameless authentication experience to PCs as well as Microsoft Azure Active Directory connected services such as Office365 and other SAML2 / OIDC connected cloud and enterprise apps.

Crayonic KeyVault™ integrates with PKI/PIV infrastructure for legacy PKI services. Using Crayonic SDK or backend service the KeyVault enables X.509 certificate issuance over the FIDO2 protocol.

Self-service backup and recovery of lost KeyVaults can be integrated with IAM systems using SDK and/or Crayonic Gateway. This service is using FIDO2 protocol to backup and recover credentials using a highly secure multiparty computing scheme to eliminate issues of storing sensitive key material in centralised databases.

Security policy settings can be implemented using Crayonic Gateway™. It provides a fast and centrally managed set up of KeyVault internal security policy i.e. level of authentication for unlocking given credentials stored in the Crayonic KeyVault™.