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​Usability, privacy, and security constitute Crayonic core attributes which are reflected in the roadmap features below.

Adaptive Decentralized Authentication

enables the appropriate level of authentication within the Crayonic KeyVault™ device itself. For example,  a simple touch with the correct fingerprint can unlock your PC without any additional passwords, however high-value bank or blockchain transactions require KeyVault to trigger an additional proof of your identity i.e., PIN code possibly including behavioral biometrics of voice and handwriting.

Maximum On-device Key Security 

means no unauthorized access to the keys. Even in case the owner is present and may be forced to provide access against their will.  Our custom machine learning algorithms optimized for embedded devices enable the proof-of-free-will approach to authenticate the true KeyVault owner for all of their really important transactions.  Without the owner's presence, any access to the keys stored on the Crayonic KeyVault™ device would be beyond hard.

Disaster Recovery 

is convenient if the KeyVault is lost or damaged. If enabled, the keys can be recovered using different strategies such as secure multi-party computation. Key material backup is currently available only in the CE edition as a preview feature.

Password Manager Protection 

Currently, we are working with open-source password managers such as Bitwarden to implement highly secure password storage which would enable users to protect their password database even when malware is present on their computing device. At the same time, the loss of KeyVault would allow for the recovery of the password database. 

This feature would make use of the on-device display to allow users to confirm the app asking for a password before single password is released.

Additional Security-Related Certifications 

Crayonic KeyVault™ is currently FIDO2 Level 1 certified, however, we are working towards eIDAS QSCD certification which can be currently implemented per request. 

Blockchain support

Crayonic KeyVault™ will soon support authentication (signing) of Ethereum transactions without any need for installed SW, apps, or browser plugins. 

How you can help us accelerate this roadmap?

Buying Crayonic KeyVault™ will enable us to proceed faster and help cover more and more use cases where passwords need to be removed and where secure cryptographic keys are used.

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