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Proximity Biometric Login
& Auto Logout

Crayonic passwordless solution delivers frictionless multi-factor authentication specifically optimized for the healthcare environments. Clinicians, nurses, and administrative staff can authenticate to any device using wearable smart authenticator Crayonic Badge™.  The authenticator, designed as a badge holder of standard size, not only stores a multitude of credentials but also intelligently detects when it's worn by the user. Seamlessly, it unlocks PCs, mobile, and healthcare devices, grants access to physical spaces, and enables entry to cloud services across all platforms. 

Please note that the product shown in this video is older prototype


  • Configurable MFA policies up to 3 factors (biometrics, knowledge,  ownership)

  • Proximity login & logout over Bluetooth via compatible NFC/BLE reader or Crayonic Bridge dongle

  • BLE, NFC and USB login via FIDO (passkeys) or PIV (X509 certificates) 

  • Continuous authentication for fastest possible access to devices, cloud, apps & physical spaces

  • Healthcare and wipe down compatible materials & waterproof

  • Certified for Microsoft infrastructure and for FIDO passwordless access 

  • Compatible with all modern operating systems (no drivers required), all major access and credential management systems and Crayonic Gateway

  • Works for on-prem or cloud environments

  • Developed and made in EU 


For the CISO:

  • Auditable access to patient data

  • HIPAA MFA compliant

  • Phishing resistant

For the healthcare staff:

  • No passwords to deal with 

  • Faster login and auto logout 

  • Works for home computers and remote access

For the operations:

  • Compatible with protective wear

  • Easy to deploy and inexpensive to operate 

  • Supports self-provisioning and self-recovery of lost and forgotten badges

  • Implements open standards for maximum compatibility and no vendor lock


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