Enterprise-ready passwordless security
for authentication, e-signing, and digital assets.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

E-signing Documents


Protecting Digital Assets

Physical Access

Decentralized Authentication

Step-up Biometric MFA


Crayonic KeyVault™
into your own solution.

Go passwordless. 

Protect your brand, clients and workforce.


Frequently asked questions

What makes Crayonic KeyVault™ different?

KeyVault relies on intuitive methods of authentication (fingerprint scan, voice, handwriting) that can be combined. Relying on multiple standard communication protocols the KeyVault is compatible with a variety of systems out-of-the-box. Crayonic KeyVault uses on-device behavioral biometrics to provide the Proof-Of-Free-Will™

Where are Crayonic products being manufactured?

Due to the sensitive nature of our solutions, we keep the production within the European Union. Crayonic is incorporated in the Netherlands with a sales office in New York and the development and manufacturing center in Slovakia.

What is the advantage of Crayonic KeyVault™ over a mobile authentication app?

Crayonic KeyVault is not connected to the internet. It does not run any operating system. It is certifiable to strict cybersecurity standards such as Common Criteria or FIDO L3. All these make the security of KeyVault superior than that of a mobile phone. In addition, KeyVault has a fine-tuned and certified hardware and firmware providing a reliable, frictionless, and secure user experience.


Since 2015 Crayonic develops and manufactures secure digital identity products and solutions for enterprises, healthcare providers, and governments.


We emphasize security and privacy by design balanced with a superb user experience. We work with reliable partners and together deliver the highest value to our customers and their users.