Welcome to the world of secure and trusted digital transactions!

Crayonic is developing usable strong authentication technology enabling trusted and secure digital transactions.

We do this by making cryptographic digital signatures as usable as pen and paper in a traditional handwritten signature ceremony, while at the same time we protect the private key with all three authentication factors, in addition to the explicit proof of intent. This approach can truly guarantee an electronic identity of a person in a transaction.

Our unique technology has been inspired by the very familiar pen and paper, and we are convinced that it will finally help bring digital signature based strong authentication closer to the end users and to the mainstream.

At the very core of our solution is a highly secure touch screen stylus allowing owners to assert their trusted electronic identity with ease, especially in mobile environments. Thanks to our patent pending technology, the stylus allows conversion of the hand written signature into very secure cryptographic digital signature.

We call this stylus Crayonic Pen. Crayonic Pen is the first behavioural biometrics security token. Unlike static biometrics (fingerprints, iris etc.), behavioural biometrics of a hand written signature cannot be easily stolen and replicated, thus even skilled signature forger will not be able to replicate unique hand motions of an original signer. Furthermore, the hand written signature ceremony provides and explicit proof of intent to authenticate oneself – something that is completely missing from the usual biometric identification systems.


Signing of electronic documents

Signing of electronic documents with 100% eIDAS compliant qualified electronic signature

Trusted identity

Asserting persons trusted identity via digital signatures for e-Government services

Strong authentication

Strong authentication to remote services, especially those requiring mutual SSL. We are also working on UAF/U2F support for secure passwordless “sign-in" (pun intended)

Secure connectivity

Securing mobile browser connectivity to enterprise or government networks via VPN or similar technology

Proving identity

Proving ones identity during valuable e-commerce transactions e.g. online loan application

Other uses

Any other use cases where digital signatures are used and require maximum security available today with certified HW key store protected with behavioural biometric authentication e.g. cryptocurrency transactions, smart contracts etc.


Stylus for all

Usable as a standard touch screen stylus for all mobile devices. Tips are replaceable and available for both resistive and capacitive touch screens.

No charging

Includes single high quality long-life AAA replaceable battery that should last years worth of signatures. We’ll send you a new one before the old one runs out.


Ideal for tablets. Works with most modern Android mobile devices with iOS support coming soon. Requires Bluetooth 4 (low energy) wireless communication protocol.


Asserts the owners trusted digital identity only after successfully recognising owners handwriting. Identity is secured by EAL 4+ certified smart card chip.

All Signatures

Supports digitised handwritten signature capture for e-signing of documents by untrusted third parties in addition to the owner’s trusted digital signature.

For Developers

Available SDK for developers to enable integration to 3rd party apps for e-signing,  bitcoin wallets, internet banking, web authentication, etc. – coming soon.

Future proof

Replaceable secure element in micro SIM format and ready to support Universal Authentication Factor (UAF) and Universal Second Factor (U2F) standards.


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Peter Kolarov - CEO/founder - experienced entrepreneur, spend more then a decade developing and selling electronic signature and IAM solutions to financial institutions. He has sold his first US based venture in eDocument space in 2001, and is still developing SW and hacking for over  20 years and counting. He is a true full stack product developer and architect with valuable business and domain experience.

Peter Kolarov

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Michal Varchola, PhD - CTO/co-founder - is highly experienced embedded HW engineer and cryptography expert. Besides developing commercial embedded HW solutions, he has presented and published his research worldwide on FPGA secure random number generators, cryptographic HW,  side-channel attacks, and many other cryptography/security topics.

Michal Varchola




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