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Crayonic Joins the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Over 100 companies worldwide have committed to protecting cyberspace.

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – February 19, 2021 – Crayonic, a provider of zero-trust decentralized cybersecurity solutions, becomes a signatory of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, which is collaborating with global technology companies committed to defending customers and their users against malicious threats.

Crayonic is joining signatories including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, Oracle and RSA, which have all made a commitment to protect users and customers from cyberattacks of all types and from any source. The signatories of the Tech Accord are determined to mutually strengthen efforts that build and enhance cybersecurity capacities worldwide, by supporting activities of civil society, governments and international organizations.

Through the commitment to collaborate, the signatories will improve technical information sharing, coordinated vulnerability disclosure and threat sharing. The four core principles of the accord consist of a strong defense, no offense, capacity building and collective response.

"Privacy and security by design have been among core values of Crayonic since our foundation. We are glad to join the coalition of partners who share these values and commit to walking the extra mile in protecting every person in cyberspace", said Peter Kolarov, Founder & CEO Crayonic.


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