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Crayonic Pen 2.0

3FA | KYC | Wallet

Three-Factor Authentication (3FA)

Crayonic Pen version 2.0 includes all three factors of authentication - knowledge, possession, and inherence. It combines behavioral biometrics, machine learning, and state-of-the-art cryptography to securely link a person's human identity to their digital ones. Behavioral biometrics — an act of free will expressed by your handwriting — is analyzed inside the pen. It supports both secure input in the form of recognition of handwritten digits or signature, and secure output enabled by a small built-in OLED display.

KYC Made Easy

Our vision is to eliminate the need for multiple KYC procedures that every user has to pass through. Instead, a trusted digital certificate stored in Crayonic Pen will be used to easily prove one's identity. Partnering with Trust Service Providers (TSPs) we can create the certificate in the pen's high-security module (HSM) in a fully compliant way.

Blockchain Hardware Wallet

Crayonic Pen 2.0 is an alternative to commonly used hardware wallets adding another level of authentication. The pen owner remains in full control of all their digital assets while getting an extra layer of security. 

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