Secure Digital Identity 

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Identity is at the core of every economic and social interaction. Today, these interactions are being transformed into the digital domain. Especially with the onset of new decentralized protocols, the need for cryptographically secure digital identities is apparent more than ever before. 



Crayonic develops technologies for people and things to keep their digital identities secure and easy to use.
Be it in decentralized IOT networks or in personal high-value transactions.


Top 10 Identity Startups

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Identity for People

Crayonic Pen enables you to project your real-world identity into its trusted digital equivalent. Use cases range from strong three-factor authentication, eIDAS-compliant e-signing, to qualified blockchain transactions. Crayonic Pen includes a certified hardware element (HSM) to protect your digital identities. Three security factors are augmented with behavioral biometrics and machine learning. 


Identity for Things

Developed to protect valuable products within a supply chain Crayonic also secures digital identities that belong to things. They require the same level of protection as human identities with additional challenges, as things are not able to authenticate on their own. However, the products’ identities, as created by their producers, need to be guaranteed until they find their way to the consumer. 

Crayonic integrates its identity protecting technologies into autonomous smart sensors and IOT gateways, capable of creating secure and smart networks of things compatible with blockchain infrastructure.


Why Us 

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team has many decades of experience in: cybersecurity, identity and access management, biometrics, SW and HW cryptography, embedded systems including FPGA/ASIC know-how, smart cards and multi-factor authentication. 

We apply this knowledge across different verticals: i.e. in financial sector, government and military.

Years of Experience

Our team members have participated in many cybersecurity projects that are now protecting financial institutions applications, managing identities of enterprise employees, securing communications in military, identifying clients by voice. Most recently, digital transformation of enterprises  has required projects with strict EU compliance (eIDAS, GDPR, PSD2 etc.)  in  document workflows in addition to the usual cybersecurity issues. 

In-house Research

Crayonic cooperates with research institutions and universities whenever possible which helps keeping our in-house research relevant and as up to date as possible. 




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Crayonic B.V.  was founded by Peter Kolarov and Michal Varchola in the Netherlands after few years of R&D in the area of behavioural biometrics, electronic signatures and HW cryptography.  

The original focus on signing electronic documents has expanded to identity in blockchain and even IOT identity.


Crayonic has been successful finalist in global startup competitions, supported by government grants, and bootstrapped by early customers.

Crayonic develops its own products as well as provides R&D and industrialisation expertise for third parties. 

If your project demands a serious cybesecurity and digital identity technology feel free to contact us!

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