Crayonic Pen

Our first field tested prototype of Crayonic Pen was solely focused on decentralised signing of electronic documents while fully complying with EU eIDAS regulation on electronic signatures. We refer to this use case as  Qualified Electronic Signature on mobile devices. Based on the feedback we have received we are now building v2.0 which will add blockchain support.  For more details see Crayonic Pen v2.0


Crayonic Pen v1.0 Specs

Crayonic Paper

tmava viz bez pera.png

To create immediate value for use cases where eIDAS electronic signature is required we  have built an  open source mobile application - Crayonic Paper which is capable of  signing and verifying eSignatures on  PDF documents  without any additional supporting infrastructure. This  serverless and offline solution is being used by companies in the financial vertical especially in Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Delivery use cases.


Crayonic Paper Specs