IOT devices with Identity

Crayonic  identity protecting technologies can be found in autonomous smart sensors and IOT gateways, capable of creating secure and smart networks of things a.k.a. autonomous networked hardware. This approach to IOT security is highly requested in the supply chain industry where it can guarantee  proof of origin, and proof of product delivery, as well as proof of environmental factors during a product life cycle. Our IOT identity solutions are custom developed to meet different requirements in verticals such as logistics.

Case Study: Ambrosus Smart Containers 

Amber L1 and L2 devices use Crayonic Identity Core module in combination with custom Ambrosus business logic developed in partnership with Ambrosus for collecting data from certified sensors while triggering events in the style of a blockchain oracle. Amber L1 and L2 can turn any object in the supply chain into a smart object with an attached “birth certificate”, transport environmental data, logistics data and documents all synced up with Ambrosus blockchain technology for the ultimate security and immutability from the product origin to the client delivery. This technology brings the next level of transparency and trust into the  usually opaque process of supply chain logistics. Each chain participating party has the right to read and or provide their data events during the logistics process.


For example:  a producer of a pharmaceutical product can start the process by provisioning a smart container within their premisses with an initial product data and documents. The logistics company can read the data from the smart container needed for their workflow i.e. critical environment parameters required for transport such as temperature ranges. The customs employee can have access to invoicing information attached. The customer can  be immediately informed on arrival details of what is in the smart container, if any critical parameters were exceeded, and of course refuse or accept the delivery without even opening the container.


The smart containers based L1 and L2 devices have this technology built into the walls of the container or a standard shipping package can become smart by simply dropping Amber L1/L2 inside. Each device is capable of communicating with another L1 device,  a WAN gateway (L2), or just with an ordinary mobile device.  Amber L2 gateways can be attached to  each shipping palette, built into the shipping container, or just present at different way-points on the logistics route, while a person with a mobile device  may act as a gateway if no L2 gateways are present.


Transport protocol security is guaranteed by an encrypted link layer as well as by an application layer where end-to-end encryption technologies based on Signal protocol are used. Data integrity is guaranteed by digitally signing sensor collected data within L1 devices while also providing providing the Proof-of-Authority required for immediate insertion into Ambrosus blockchain.

Devices are designed to support harsh industrial environments with wide temperature ranges and extra long  battery lifetime of up to 5 years.


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Amber device L1  &  Amber device L2